Debut album out in September 2019 on Temporary Residence!


-- Photo by Roland Owsnitzki
Floating Spectrum's music shimmers with elemental richness, as synths, meditative drones, and heavily processed samples evolve across layered environmental soundscapes. Her sonic journeys explore themes of growth, decay, and the contradictory place of humans within nature. The slow, explosive, and quietly emotive dance performances of Taiwan's legendary choreographer Lee-Chen Lin are a key inspiration.

Mei-Fang Liau is the Taiwan-born, Berlin-based musician and audio technologist behind Floating Spectrum. She creates intuitive and emotional compositions from a technically rigorous practice, coding her own custom generative music engines and software synthesizers. Using self-made tools such as Polyphylla, her fractal-based synthesizer inspired by patterns in nature, she is able to craft a wide range of intricate, organic computer-based sounds with subtlety and depth. The otherworldly generative visuals of her performance collaborator, the creative code artist Abe Pazos, reveal a similar fluent sensitivity to his digital tools. Together, these two artists guide audiences through a swirling audio-visual immersion in which human, nature, and technology are intimately and inseparably intwined.

With her debut album A Point Between released in 2019 by Temporary Residence, "she already sounds like a seasoned veteran of atmospheric electronic music." (Deconstructing Interference) Both "a triumph on a technical level" (Fluid Radio) and "utterly alien, but with more personality and heart" (SoundBlab), A Point Between is "a very promising debut". (Tone Shift) Called "refreshingly specific and unique" by FACT magazine, this debut is "like opening a portal to another world... a strange place full of dark mysteries" that is "something to behold." (SoundBlab)
-- Text by Sarah Hermanutz
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